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Tackling Cost of Living

Updated: Apr 16, 2023


This week, we will be addressing the current crisis in COST OF LIVING & ways to tackle this issue.

  1. Accessing foodbanks and pantries can be incredibly beneficial for individuals and families who are struggling to afford basic necessities due to the high cost of living.

  2. This is particularly true for ethnic minority groups, unemployed individuals, those with disabilities, single parents & many more who may face additional barriers to accessing resources and support.

  3. In addition to providing affordable food, foodbanks and pantries can also offer other forms of support and assistance.

  4. This may include help with accessing other services or resources, such as housing assistance, health & mental well-being & many more.

  5. Many foodbanks and pantries also offer educational programs, such as cooking classes or nutrition workshops, which can help individuals and families learn how to prepare healthy meals on a tight budget.

By Serah N

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