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School Supply

Sponsor a Student

for only £25

According to UNESCO, 9 million African girls between the ages 6-11 will never receive an education and those that do have a 60% chance of no longer attending by age 15. Additionally, other problems include schools lacking basic amenities like electricity and potable water, teacher shortages, and limited access to educational materials.

We at Know Africa CIO believe that education, especially for girls, will provide a better future and make a massive impact on their lives and their communities. 

Sponsoring a female student in Africa to ensure they have all of the equipment and support they need to complete their education through high school only costs £25.

100% of your donation will be sent directly to participating schools and the student. Know Africa will only act as the liaison, ensuring your entire donation is solely used for the purchase of a student's educational materials and helping fund school teaching staff.

Please consider sponsoring a student today and give African girls a chance for success.

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