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Supporting Our Community

Know Africa is committed to building a strong sense of community for people of African descent in South Manchester and beyond. We want to give our many diverse cultures and traditions a visible place and a voice within the UK and provide practical support for African people and their families. We also have been working hard to create opportunities for learning, engagement, and building relationships for our community and those in need.

Online Class

Zoom Discussion Panels

Dates and Times Announced on our Facebook Page!

We are pleased to host an open to all Zoom discussion panel covering a variety of topics relevant to our BAME community members. Topics include supporting our mental health during the COVID-19 lockdown, empowering ourselves in our personal and professional lives, and our unique cultural identity and traditions in art, music, and fashion.

Details to join our Zoom discussions can be found on our

Know Africa Facebook page.


Emergency Food Parcels for

Local Families in Need

With the support of Forever Manchester, we are proud to provide practical assistance to our local families in need with emergency food parcels in the wake of the COVID-19 lockdown. Know Africa are committed to being a resource of support for our community and will continually work with local families to determine how we may best offer our help.

Kids Kitchen 2.jpg

Kids Kitchen: African Cookery Class

Sharing traditional African recipes and a joy of cooking with children will give them important life skills and connect them with African culture through food. Know Africa proudly organise cooking sessions for children to have a go themselves to create a delicious dish using traditional techniques and ingredients.

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