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Buy International Calling Card Online

Tracfone's Frequent Numbers is an online service that provides you with 1-800 numbers you can assign to your most frequent dialed international numbers. No more dialing the international access number, plus country code, plus phone number, etc.

buy international calling card online

International calling available to over 100 destinations worldwide. Countries are subject to change without prior notice. For international calls dial 305-938-5673. Airtime deductions apply. International text messages and roaming are not allowed.

Calling cards have always been very important to people that consistently make phone calls. While the demand for calling cards has always been higher among the international community, several domestic uses of calling cards are also available.

Calling cards ensure that immigrants do not end up with expensive phone bills when attempting to call their families and loved ones in their various countries. Although calling cards are generally cheaper than calling directly through cell phone providers, there are usually characterized by low quality calls and deceitful call practices. Now, not all calling cards are fraudulent, a vast majority still offer customers a good experience.

If looking to purchase a calling card, a gas station is usually the most convenient and fastest means of getting one. There are usually gas stations scattered all over neighborhoods which makes them very accessible. Most gas stations sell pre-paid calling cards as well as international calling cards although they tend to stock more domestic calling cards. If looking specifically for International calling cards, a local international store would be a better option.

Most immigrant communities typically have a local shop/store where they buy groceries and other materials not readily available in big box retail stores. Some of these stores could be African, Asian, or Caribbean stores. They typically stock all types of calling cards since the vast majority of their customers are immigrants that call their respective origin countries often. If looking for a reliable calling card, simply ask the store owner or clerk. They will typically tell you which calling cards have great quality and rates to your destination because they have a vested interest in most of these cards. They tend to get a percentage of the sales of these cards so they will typically want repeat customers.

Large retail stores such as Kroger, H.E.B, Fiesta Mart, CVS, and Walgreens also stock calling cards. Like local gas stations, they mostly carry domestic pre-paid calling cards although some Fiesta Mart stores have segments that stock international calling cards. Most immigrants prefer international calling cards to the domestic pre-paid cards since they get more call minutes from them.

Although calling cards have always been known to be physical cards, they are now readily available online and offer a quick and convenient way to make international calls. There are several online stores that sell calling cards so it would be a futile effort to list them all. A google search for calling cards yields multiple online shopping options to choose from. Several of these companies also have mobile apps that function just like calling cards and basically eliminate the need to purchase one.

Ally is an online bank. While the cards and accounts offered from Ally are not strictly speaking the same as the prepaid travel cards featured elsewhere on this list, you could open and use an Ally account in a similar way.

There are many prepaid card options out there from banks and online providers. Because Visa and MasterCard are among the most commonly accepted card networks outside of the US, many travel cards are issued on these networks to increase coverage.

The Tesco International Calling card offers a number of convenient ways to top-up your calling card so you may continue to access great rates and a quality service when reaching out to friends and family across the globe.

Ordering is simple - just select the value of calling card you require and pop your details in to our quick form. On completing your order, you'll instantly receive a PIN from us to the email address you submit.

Pre-paid calling cards can be used domestically, and can help you stay in touch when traveling abroad. Using a calling card isn't difficult, but there are some things to consider when purchasing them. Some cards have hidden fees that you may not notice when buying the card. Take some time to compare cards before deciding on which one to buy.

Traveling overseas soon? Avoid high roaming costs and get yourself a travel sim card, an international sim card with data that works all over the world! Does that exist? Yes! And good news for my 2023 comparison I included e-sim cards as well.

Let me first explain the differences between a local prepaid sim card and a global travel sim card. Then I give you a comparison of the best international sim cards available for traveling abroad in 2023 including all the pros and cons, so you can decide for yourself if you think it is worth buying an international sim card or go for a local prepaid sim card on arrival in your destination.

But before buying an international sim card for your trip abroad I want to make you aware of the existence of local prepaid sim cards. Because the main reason I am writing this blog post is to save you on high roaming costs when traveling and in most cases local prepaid sim cards are the cheapest way to get data on your phone.

An exception is a European sim card. There are international sim cards created just for Europe, but also a lot of local prepaid sim cards in Europe allow FREE roaming within the EU. Click here for more information about buying a local prepaid sim card in Europe in 2023 or check my list of the best sim cards for Europe travel in 2023.

For example all the below listed international sim cards claim to cover Africa. Yes, they are not lying, but the rates per MB are averaging around $0.10, that means 100 MB will cost you $10. That can be as little as using Instagram for about 5 minutes! Comparing this to a local prepaid sim card in Uganda for example where the same $10 gives you more than 12 GB data for 1 month, you can understand why Traveltomtom recommends a local prepaid sim card over a global sim card.

A local prepaid sim card is in 95/100 times cheaper than an international sim card. Therefore in the beginning of this article I told you that you will have to decide whether you want to buy an international sim card for traveling or buying a local sim card on arrival.

Buying an international sim card can only be done online through a third party. In this article I will show you the best available offers for buying a global sim card for world travelers and I will link directly to the companies website so that may you be interested you can have a look for more details on their homepages.

Great resources for buying international sim cards and e-sim cards are: SimOptions for physical sim cards as well as e-sim cards and Airalo for e-sim cards. Personally I use SimOptions more than Airalo.

Keep in mind that buying a local prepaid sim card on an international airport is mostly more expensive. You can get much better prepaid sim card deals from official retail stores in city centers, shopping malls or from random mobile phone shops.

When you have time and want the cheapest option you should consider buying a prepaid sim card on arrival in your destination. But if you are looking for the most convenient way to stay connected and want to arrive prepared at your holiday destination then order an international sim card or an e-sim card.

In the following section, I will review and compare the top international sim cards. Read through the list carefully and only pick that travel sim that works for you. As promised I listed the best travel sim cards on top!

All the international sim cards below can be ordered directly online and will be shipped to your home address. They come in a 3-in-1 sim sizes which makes the fit into any smart(phone), tablet or portable WiFi device.

Only down side of this international sim card is that you can NOT make or receive calls, it is a pure data sim card only. The Orange Holiday World sim card comes with credit included which is valid for 14 days. After these 14 days you can easily top up online.

Lots of travelers from different parts of the world opt for Orange Holiday World because they are generous with data and very cheap compared to other international sim cards. Therefore I call Orange Holiday World the best prepaid data sim card worldwide.

Mind you this is an e-sim card and NOT a physical sim card. Therefore it does NOT come with a phone number and calling is NOT supported. However, when looking for a data-only international sim card this is the perfect match.

Personally I have a Discover Global e-sim card activated on my phone as well. I bought the 20 GB for 6 months and using it a lot when I go to countries for just a couple days like when I was in Qatar, visiting family in Netherlands for 3 days, a couple days in Turkey, etc. To me this international e-sim card is a game changer! I am loving it!

Incoming calls & texts are free in all the above countries as well and unlimited calls & texts are INCLUDED within Europe. Therefore this Three international sim card is one of the cheapest sim cards for traveling in Europe.

The price for a Know Roaming Travel SIM card is $9,99 and does NOT come with any credit. Know Roaming international sim cards do NOT support incoming and outgoing phone calls. You can opt for a Know Roaming e-sim which is for free.

Compared to other international sim card services the Know Roaming sim card is cheap: just $10. Their global data packages are average priced compared to other services and you can choose per continent.

Know Roaming is one of the best prepaid international sim cards for the Caribbean as they cover almost every island, however data roaming is expensive. The Know Roaming Latin America sim card is way overpriced and not recommended at all. Instead Know Roaming is one of the best sim cards for Asia. 041b061a72


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