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Observer: System Redux =LINK=

Having never experienced 4K resolution or ray-tracing, I was eager to see what those concepts meant on my next-gen console. Seeing a dark cyberpunk game lean into doing just that obviously excited me. Thus, it also carried an element of being a tech demo for the new systems.

Observer: System Redux

At long last, the PS5 has finally launched, and slowly but surely, members of the gaming community are finally getting their hands on the next-gen system. One game that many can look forward to playing on launch day is Observer: System Redux, an upgraded and expanded version of the original Observer that is being released exclusively for next-gen that utilizes a number of the PS5's hardware capabilities.

The cyberpunk aesthetic is strong in Observer, and the addition of raytracing, along with the updated lighting system, in System Redux allows for some breathtaking artistry. The gleam of neon off of tepid puddles gives the apartment building an austere beauty that highlights the refined textures. 041b061a72


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Eva White
Eva White
May 10

Thanks a ton for the suggestion to check out Depositphotos! It sounds like they have everything I need to bring my projects to life. I'm excited to explore their site and see what kind of stock photos and videos they have available. It's awesome to hear that they offer such a wide range of content, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it can enhance my work. Thanks again for pointing me in the right direction!

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