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The meaning of the CoupleSets Ring

The engagement ring represents the symbol of your commitment to each and the other. Therefore, the engagement ring should be chosen carefully. It should reflect your personality and your love for each other.

According to the Bible betrothal is a way to announce the wedding to come. It is also a time of reflection and getting get to know each other better for the future spouses. This first commitment allows couples to understand what the true commitment of marriage will be.


Engagement rings are given by the fiance to symbolize his commitment and love which typically results in marriage.

Engagement is not an official marriage. It's also an opportunity for lovers to introduce themselves to their families and friends. This will help them prepare for the transition from single to married.

Today, the wedding has been stripped of its formality. Instead of securing the bond between two families, they are more of a token of love between two individuals and create an intimate celebration. You could even get engaged...without getting married!

The origins

In ancient Egypt it was believed that the finger on the left hand functioned as a direct connection to the heart. According to the mythology the finger is home to a vein that leads directly to the heart. So, by putting an ring on this finger, it signifies that our heart belongs to the one who gave us the ring. In the past rings were made of steel, a material that symbolizes strength and eternality. The engagement ring is generally decorated with a diamond and symbolizes the loyalty and commitment. The symbolism is derived from the beauty and purity of the diamond. Diamonds symbolize that you are expressing your love in a pure, true and sincere manner. It is said that the arrows of the arrows of Cupid's are adorned with diamonds, as a sign of their emotional power The association of a diamond with marriage and engagement became the most prestigious symbol of unchanging love.


For a solemn ceremony solitaire-mounted diamond wedding ring...

For an traditional wedding: Diamonds set on yellow or white gold wedding ring of diamonds with precious stones, like ruby, emerald, sapphire...

For a wedding that is unique Ring made of semi-precious stones (pink tourmaline), garnet (red), amethyst (purple), lapis lazuli, citrine (yellow) an old ring, pearl and more.

The traditional diamond

The most common stone for engagement rings is diamond. It is the most powerful symbol of love, as it symbolizes love and purity. The diamond was thought to encourage chastity prior to marriage.

The diamond should be selected carefully, as some diamonds can be dull. Its value is determined by the 4Cs the cut, color weight (carats) and purity.

Engagement ring with precious stones

Other gemstones can be found for your engagement ring. The color of the stone that is included in your ring is supposed to add a special significance to your engagement. The stones can be adjusted to the personal style and personality of the bride.

Sapphire, engagement rings of Charles and Diana.

Sapphire symbolizes love and happiness. It is more suitable to be a very sentimental stone. This stone is serene similar to the hue of the sky or the sea. On the occasion of her marriage to Prince William Prince of Wales in February 1981, Lady Diana Spencer received a ring comprised of an oval blue sapphire, adorned with 14 diamonds. Prince William gave the stunning engagement ring of his mother to his fiancee.

The ruby

The ruby was the precious stone of kings and maharajahs. This myth remains an inspiration to many people today. It is believed that the stone does not only create love but also bring harmony to couples. The ruby was previously reserved for men of power. The color of the ruby is used to determine its worth, just like all other stones. The most sought-after color is "pigeon-blood red" which is the color of love. The ruby is the perfect reflection of this color. Since the dawn of time, rubies have been the best messengers and garantors of declarations.

The Emerald

Emeralds are a symbol of prosperity, hope and prosperity for a couple. The more vibrant the color is, the greater the value of the stone. Emerald is the most delicate among all stones. It is also the most difficult to cut. This is why rings with emerald shapes are usually rectangular or even octagonal in order to be able to withstand shock.

Your wedding ring choice is entirely personal

Some lovers choose to surprise themselves and others will make it together.

Prince Charles gave Camilla Parker Bowles a platinum ring featuring an emerald as the center and three baguette diamonds the sides. The ring, which was initially owned by the Queen Mother and valued at more than $1 billion, was gifted to Camilla Parker Bowles by Prince Charles.

In January 1956 Grace Kelley received, from Prince Rainier III, a platinum engagement ring composed of an emerald-cut diamond of 10.47 carats. Its design: A magnificent diamond of 10.47 carats, surrounded by two baguette-cut diamonds, set on platinum.


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